"I Have To Call My Sister" is a new podcast featuring sisters Kayla Bulmer and Stacey Kay. Together they were finalists on America’s Got Talent, but now have very different lives. This podcast is filled with juicy questions, awkward confessions, and crazy stories. Kayla is a young mother of two and talks about the stress, anxiety and hilarious-ness of what comes with having children. Stacey is a recording artist and also motivational speaker. Stacey talks about body positivity and what it's like being a curvy girl in the music industry. Each week they discuss multiple topics, play funny games, and occasionally will have guests on. Because they are known to be quite nosey about other people's lives, Stacey and Kayla will ask the questions that a normal person would feel too rude to ask. They are best friends, hilarious, real, and will tell it like it is! 

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